Project Planning


Idea / Company Process / Goals Intake

Let's turn your idea into a reality. Aside of seeing our products shine, we love to break down ideas and find solutions to your everyday problems. Along with any idea or process automation, we also have to make sure we are moving in the right direction. Setting, keeping track of and achieving goals are a great way of doing just that!

Project Scoping & Goal Mapping

Once we understand your idea and/or process, we’ll be able to scope out clear goals, milestones and deliverables based on your business needs.

Detailed Project Plan

With a detailed project scope, we increase each party's percentage of success. Our Detailed Project Plan is our road map from Day 1 to the release of the initially scoped and approved project. We use our project scope and goal mapping to provide a document that explains the project how we see it, provide a detailed breakdown of the software stack, as well as how everything cooperates with each other.

Prototype Development


Test Ideas

Prototypes allow you to quickly test ideas and features. Prototypes are not meant for production scale environments and come with limited functionality and design features but it will give you a good idea of how the final product will work and benefit you!

Limited Release

Have a small project with only a few users. Prototypes are great for limited release projects that you plan to build on. Providing you with the ability to quickly make changes and improve.

Limited Functionality

Prototypes come in many sizes, shapes, colors and features. One of the advantages of prototyping is that it has limited functionality. This decreases the project timeline and overall needs of the project.

Platform Development


Server Management

We make sure you stay up and running Our clients can rest easy knowing that we are monitoring and maintaining the environment in which your software runs!

Software Development

We build custom software from the ground up. We work directly with our customers, their employees, and partners to ensure the software we build is best fit for your specific needs!

Third-Party Integration

We integrate with all of the leading 3rd party applications! Google Analytics, MailChimp, Quickbooks Online & more!

App Development


Always With You

Bring your data wherever you go! We make our software mobile friendly. From Inventory Management to Quick Access to Reports, we can build you a solution you can use during normal business processes and on the go.

Backend Apps

We build apps to help you solve business problems. Need more information on where you are in your daily process? Want to have a check system for the completion of your daily tasks? We can build or integrate any tool you can think of into any existing app we’ve built.

Customer Experience

Connect with your customers! With the ability to send reminders and push notifications directly to your customer, you can make sure your business is right there with them. Let your customers manage their orders, and more.

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